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The reasons why amazing russian women looking for american men
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The reasons why amazing russian women looking for american men

An increasing number of women are looking for grooms on international dating sites. Marry an American - a tempting option for many. After all, America is a developed country with a high economic level and loyal attitude towards emigrants. Reputation of American men as reliable grooms is very solid. So many russian women looking for american men.

Why russian women looking for men abroad, expectations

What makes American men so attractive in Slavic women's eyes?

Basically disorder in personal life makes ladies look for love abroad. Each girl has a strong belief in love and family happiness. Unfortunately, most of them are disappointed in their compatriots: a lot of Russian men are infantile, incapable of deeds. Many ladies have experienced emotional pain, and now they prefer to be single being afraid of new relationships with compatriots. Anyway girls believe that real men exist, but they are far away, so ladies from Russia start looking for american men.

Women from this country have to work hard to feed a family, raise children, help parents. They are tired to carry the whole burden of problems. Girls want to finally relax, get some sleep, be engaged in self-education, in interesting business and not to think about how they will live tomorrow. Lady from Russia believes that there is a guy who can take care of her and release her from the unbearable burden of problems. She has a strong dream that there is a real gentleman waiting for her. american men looking women for a serious relationship, where there is respect and love, so it makes those men even more desirable for Russian girls. These women are looking for a man who wants to be head of the family and breadwinner. But it doesn't mean that ladies are going to stay at home running a household. Purposeful wife, engaged in self-realization deserves admiration and respect.

What lady from Russia wants from marriage

Demographic imbalance in population is quite impressive: there are 9 million more women than men in Russia. In the US, male population is around 52 percent and it continues to grow in comparison with female one. Daring to search for husband abroad, Russian women understand that it won't be easy for them to leave their country and move to a completely unfamiliar world. But something they expect from their chosen one eggs them on such a drastic step. So why these women looking for husbands so far away?
  1. Priorities. There are fewer divorces in America than in Russia. In light of this, Russian lady hopes that her marriage will last for the entire life. She will gladly give a leadership role to her guy, devoting herself to a feminine role - taking care of husband, giving birth to babies and upbringing them.
  2. Tenderness. Americans are famous for the fact that they're romantics. All their favorite songs are about love, about peaceful family life. Even older couples hold each other hands, hug taking a walk. This awakens romantic desire in Russian beauties. They're waiting for constant compliments, admiration of their beauty, courtesies, gifts.
  3. Love for children. Russian girls want to have two, three or even four children, as well as Americans. Their maternal tenderness is boundless, but they're waiting their husband to have same boundless love feelings for their kids. Russian lady wants to be with tower of strength, with a man who will assist her in children's upbringing. Stability and tranquility - the fundamental basis why slavic woman looking for marriage in another country.
  4. Kindness, friendliness. Women expect a positive mood, understanding, good attitude to the family from an American husband. Russian girls are infinitely kind, merciful. Sympathy, an ability to listen and understand are peculiar to them. Women from this country are very positive, they are always in a good mood even during the most difficult moments of life.
  5. Depth of feelings. Love - the main thing that is inherent to every Russian beauty. She expects the same feeling from her partner. She wants to be loved, pampered, respected. Love is something that drives all Russian ladies, something they live for. This is the meaning of their life, their dream.