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Peculiarities and attractiveness of kazan girl

Kazan is the capital of Tatarstan, located on the left bank of Volga River, in place where it disgorges into Kazanka river. Today Kazan is the most important city that mediates trade between East and West, it plays significant role both in economic and cultural - international relations of the country. It is worth visiting this city at least once in life, and of course, it's worth getting acquainted with the most beautiful kazan girls!

Features: why kazan girls are so attractive

These females have always been famous for their extraordinary appearance - slightly slanted eyes, white skin with olive shade, height, gracefulness. They are mixture of East and West, because they have been at the crossroads of civilizations for centuries. Some of them are similar to European females, but have some Asian facial features. Others, however, look just like halfbreeds.

Such girl is a good wife, caring, modest, temperamental, calm, mischievous. Her distinctive feature is secrecy. Unlike other East women, Tatar lady's social status is higher: she is emancipated intellectual, intelligent, energetic, she is talented businesswoman, hot-shot, she's also nimble, stubborn.

These ladies are wonderful. Tatar women are very strong, brave, obstinate, they have an incredible greatness of soul. They're very loyal, not all women in the world have such character trait.

Tatar woman has outstanding culinary skills. She knows how to cook delicious food. She will always surprise you with new culinary delights. Speaking about Tatar wives, it should be noted that they like cooking national dishes that include famous sweets and cakes. These women are the best housewives.

Women in this region are extremely beautiful, they have black braids, dark eyebrows, they are famous for neatness, the most important thing for them is family: husband, children, parents.

Family Traditions of girls from kazan

Family has always been highly valued and appreciated by Tatars, marriage is considered to be natural necessity. A girl has heard from an early age that she has to be submissive to her husband. In the past, economic argument influenced choice of a marriage partner: family needed daughter-in-law - a worker, who was able to bear children. Main form of marriage was a marriage by matchmaking. Basic requirements, which have been attached to bride, still remain. She should have good character and work hard, she should respect husband's parents.

When choosing a bride, man paid attention to her working skills during season work. After marriage, it considered inadmissible if daughter in law got up later in the morning her mother in law. She couldn't sit idle, while mother in law was engaged in farming.

Wife had to have a good origin. Healthy children had to be born, so it wasn't surprising that when choosing a spouse people were guided by family health issues. There is such Tatar custom - comply with seniority among brothers and sisters in marriage, it remains a rare exception until now.

Nowadays marriage is based on a voluntary union of young couple, united by mutual love and respect. Relationships in modern Tatar family are more democratic, they assume personal dignity of each member.

Recommendations: How and where to find kazan girls for dating

Modern women there have become more free, they have a right to choose husband at her own request. Considering rather strict, often irresponsible attitude of their compatriots, ladies start looking for a life partner overseas. Now it's not uncommon and is becoming more popular.

Many European men want to see their wife as a gentle lady so they seek dating with her. Online dating is the most convenient method these days.

Many kazan girls for dating are registered on websites in hopes of finding a future husband. It is worth just starting talking to a girl; kindle your chosen one interest. Be attentive, care about her, delve into her problems. A little patience, time, and you will have a wonderful companion who will give you all her love.

How to date kazan girls for marriage? What they are looking for

Kazan brides like all Russian girls are looking for happiness and love. They are ready to go to the most distant countries for their loved one. Family is always paramount for them. For this purpose they are registered on kazan marriage agency site and start searching for future husband. Number of people wishing to find a groom in Europe is growing year by year, so if marriage with kazan girl is a dream for you, it is worth paying attention to dating sites and find gentle, loving wife.